Explore and create more fun for rc,not me, but us. 

Meus Racing,a brand dedicated to exploring and creating more RC fun.The word "me" stands for our team and "us" stands for the RC field. We hope to explore and create RC fun with all RC fans, so that more people can have high-quality and cost-effective RC products,get more wonderful and exciting RC experiences.

Meus Racing has its own design and manufacturing team. Our principle is: Design concept of keeping pace with the times, good customer service consciousness, and strict quality control standards. If you are a new lover of RC, Meus Racing can provide you with a variety of products that affordable and can be quickly started; If you are a seasoned player, we will provide you more creative, challenging and unique products. We welcome all radio control enthusiasts to share your ideas and learn from each other.

On the development path of RC, our team keeps growing, which is inseparable from the inspiration given by all fans and the down-to-earth work of R & D producers. If you want to start a new RC journey, welcome to join Meus Racing's wonderful world,with enthusiasm and expectation.See you on the journey!